Rubber Roofs - Advantages & Disadvantages

Although Rubber roofing systems are popular in many European countries they have actually ended up being increasingly popular in the U.S., specifically for flat roof coverings.

As a low maintenance, durable, as well as power effective roof product, rubber roofs are also eco-friendly as well as budget-friendly.  It’s no surprise then that more and more home owners are choosing rubber roofs.

Rubber roof coverings are light-weight, long lasting, and are able to endure the elements of nature better than their conventional wood and metal counterparts.

Because rubber roofs are still a relatively brand-new modern technology, it is wise to make certain that the roofer that you work with is experienced with the setup and maintenance entailed with rubber roofs. When you have your rubber roofing mounted, be certain to have regular annual assessments on your roofing. This is the very best means to be sure that you deal with any small issues as they happen and considerably extend the longevity of your roof.

Lots of rubber roofing systems require to be covered about a year after they are installed to guarantee the roofing system’s long life and then coated every couple years after that.

A few of the most widespread advantages of using rubber roofing is the realization that rubber is very flexible and also adaptable. This enables it to expand and also acquire variations from the consistently changing weather conditions without damaging the roofing system.

Splits and cracks are seldom found with rubber roofs providing a greater advantage over various other roof covering materials.

Of course with rubber roofing systems comes one disadvantage and that is the fact that rubber roof coverings require inspection and cleaning at least once a year. Two times per year is ideal. This maintenance will assist in keeping the roof covering resilient and long lasting.

As with any roofing product, be sure to review the manufacturer’s service warranty thoroughly. Regular cleaning and maintenance may be a requirement in order to keep the service warranty active.

Ask your contractor any inquiries that you might have pertaining to cleaning and also maintaining the roofing system. In some cases, utilizing the incorrect items on your rubber roofing can cancel or nullify the guarantee, so make certain to comply with the producer’s directions.

Will rubber roofing systems replace more conventional roofing products in the same way that vinyl siding replaced wood and aluminum?  That remains to be seen.

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