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Roof MAXX Roof Renewal System will Save you thousands!

Are you thinking about replacing your roof but you’re not sure it’s time yet? You may be a candidate for a roof rejuvenation application that could extend the life of your asphalt roof for five years or more saving you thousands of dollars.  

Roof Maxx Is An Innovative Spray-On Application That Will Restore Resiliency To Your Asphalt Shingles Adding Years Of Life To Your Roof.

Roof Maxx Features:

  • Restores Shingle Pliability and Water Repelling Properties 
  • Soy Based, Environmentally Safe
  • Five Year Transferable Warrenty
  • Affordable Alternative To Roof Replacement
  • Helps Protect Against Hail Damage
  • Non-combusable
  • May Improve The Visual Appearance of Your Roof

Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation system authorized dealer serving lancaster county and beyond!

If your current roof is beginning to show signs of wear but you aren’t sure you’re ready to make the significant investment to replace your roof, you owe it to yourself to consider a Roof Maxx treatment. This innovative process will restore the flexibility of your asphalt shingles, renew it’s water repelling properties and extend the longevity of your roof for five years or longer. And the cost is a fraction of a roof replacement saving you up to 80 percent over the that of a new roof.

Lancaster Roofing Company LLC is a certified Roof Maxx dealer. We’re factory trained and equipted to apply the innovative soy-based Roof Maxx treatment to your roof so it will perform as expected, look good and carry the Roof Maxx 5 Year Warranty.

When you call us for your residential or commercial roofing project we’ll take the time to meet with you to evaluate the condition of your roof and present you with an honest evaluation so you can decide if a Roof Maxx treatment is the right choice. We’ll also give you a written estimate along with the manufacturer’s 5 Year Warranty information so you can make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Roof Maxx Rejuvenation Treatment

Roof Maxx is a natural plant-based substance designed to rejuvenate and restore the oils that your shingles have lost due to the effects of sun, rain and harsh weather conditions. The application process is fast, usually taking just a few hours to do an average roof. 

The product is totally safe and environmentally friendly so there are no worries about damaging plants or shrubs or harming your pets.  Within just a few days the oils will have penetrated your shingles making them supple and significantly improve their water repelling properties. Your shingles will resist cracking and blowing off even during strong winds. 

We will provide you with a FREE roof evaluation and estimate to apply the roof rejuvenation treatment that will increase the longevity of your roof by five years or more. Call Lancaster Roofing Company LLC at (717) 356-9810.    

Failing apartment roofs Rejuvenated - Years later roofs Still look great!

Watch the video and listen to what Johnathan Casilli, head of construction management for Skylight Real Estate Parners, has to say.

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