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The Lancaster Science Factory

Lancaster Science Factory

One of the many interesting but perhaps overlooked places to visit in Lancaster is The Lancaster Science Factory, a hands-on, interactive science center for kids in Pre-K to 8th grade and their families. It is open to the public and available for group reservations and rentals. The Factory hosts a wide variety of STEM educational programs and workshops and is a leader in STEM educational outreach in the community!  

Here’s a map to help you locate it:

Hands-on STEM programs can be brought to your group in the classroom, library, or almost anywhere! Lancaster Factory offers a wide selection of “create your own workshops” on topics like engineering, chemistry, robotics, and more. All programs can be designed for any grade level K – 8th. Activities for each workshop may vary depending on grade level and length of the program.

Come explore the many Hands on Stem Programs such as Toy Sewing where kids can use their creativity and fine motor skills to make a stuffed animal.  They also learn to use measurement and cutting skills.

The Stem Program Exploring Geometry teaches students to design and use 3D models to help them understand the properties of triangles, circles etc.

The Hands on Stem program for Junior Organic Chemistry teaches students why Carbon is essential for life. They will also perform simple experiments and build molecular models.

Getting students excited about math can sometimes be challenging. The Lancaster Science Factory will help build confidence in Math. It offers 20 hands-on math exhibits that help students feel more confident about math topics. These exhibits can be brought to your school or better yet added to your field trip to the Science Factory!

Each Math exhibit is interesting, easy to grasp, and explains and demonstrates a basic math principle included in the PA Core Math Standards. All the exhibits have already been tested so to speak at elementary schools and at Youth Agencies throughout PA.

The Lancaster Science Factory has also created resource sheets which are available to teachers for several of the mobile math exhibits. Each sheet contains resource information for all the necessary math learning techniques including flashcards, posters, class activities, worksheets, and more! By using the information from these Resource Sheets, teachers can source the materials they need to create their own “math labs”. All of the items are conveniently available through the Internet at very reasonable prices.

An added benefit provided by the Lancaster Science Program? Every First Friday the Lancaster Science Factory offers free admission from 5 – 7pm. What are you waiting for, come explore over 70 interactive exhibits for kids in grades K – 8 and their families!

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