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Industrial Roofing Systems There are several different types of industrial and commercial roofing systems available. An experienced commercial roofing contractor like Lancaster Roofing Company can advise you as to the pros and cons of each. Below is some basic info about some of the more common types of commercial roofing systems used today. TPO (Thermoplastic … Read more

rubber roofs

Rubber Roofs – Advantages & Disadvantages Although Rubber roofing systems are popular in many European countries they have actually ended up being increasingly popular in the U.S., specifically for flat roof coverings. As a low maintenance, durable, as well as power effective roof product, rubber roofs are also eco-friendly as well as budget-friendly.  It’s no … Read more

shingle warranties

Understanding Roof Service Warranties In this post we will try to explain the differences between contractor workmanship warranties and roofing material warranties.   Having a brand-new roof covering installed is a considerable investment, and it’s very easy to agonize over comparing the different grades of roof covering shingles or tiles, colors, textures and longevity.  Nonetheless, … Read more

DOES A CEILING STAIN MEAN MY ROOF IS LEAKING? Nobody knows their home as well as the homeowner. One of the most dreaded repairs among any homeowner is roof leaks. If you have brown stains developing on your ceilings, you should take action immediately. It is much better to have potential leaks dealt with right … Read more

ROOF INSPECTIONS CAN HELP YOU AVOID EXPENSIVE REPAIRS The roof of your home is important to keep you, your family, and belongings safe. To get the longest life from your roofing system, it is important to have it inspected yearly. An inspection will help locate problems due to moisture, which could lead to expensive roofing … Read more

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST ROOFING CONTRACTOR FOR YOUR PROJECT You might be asking yourself, what is a roofing contractor and what exactly does he do? The term “contractor” came from the idea of a written agreement for specific work to be done in exchange for payment. A roofing contractor is the person completing or … Read more

When you think about your home, it’s pretty obvious the roof is one of the most crucial parts of the structure. The majority of residential roofs are traditional shingles, but more and more homeowners are choosing metal roofs. Why the change? Let’s look at some benefits of metal roofs. Here are a few reasons why … Read more

When looking for a roofing contractor, you’ll want to find the best. A roofing contractor is the professional who will be responsible for repairing or installing a new roof on your home. To ensure the job is done properly and according to your standards, you need to make sure that you hire the person who … Read more

Discovering a leaking roof can be one of the most frustrating repairs for a homeowner. There are several reasons your roof may be leaking, but you could also be dealing with a moisture or humidity issue depending on your home and the climate in which you live. Here are a few indications to look for … Read more

As a homeowner, you probably don’t spend your time thinking about the roof on your house. The roof does its job and protects everyone in the home from outside elements, providing safety and security for everyone inside. What you might not know is how important it is to keep that roof in good condition, so … Read more

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