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Amish Farm and House

amish farm and house lancaster

During the first half of the 20th Century Lancaster wasn’t a popular tourist destination. But on July 1, 1955 that all changed when Lancaster entrepreneur, Adolf Neuber, came up with the idea of establishing  an educational destination open to the public where people could learn the truth about the Amish way of life in Lancaster County. Before we go on, here’s a map to the Amish Farm and House:

Before Neuber had the foresight to establish a tourist destination in Lancaster he noticed that many visitors to the area had questions about the Amish.  Because of their privacy little was known about this German religious sect and Neuber hoped that his small contribution would help answer some of the questions. Little did he know that he would someday be considered one of the founders of local tourism in Lancaster,PA,  and coin the term “Amish Country.”

Located on the Lincoln Highway, Neuber opened The Amish Farm and House, which once  belonged to an Amish family, to provide an authentic and accurate educational experience that was true to the historical, and modern customs of Lancaster County’s Amish, while always remaining respectful of the preference for privacy of his Amish neighbors . That tradition of providing educational authenticity and respect for the Amish community remains today.

Many frequent questions asked by visitors such as; who are the Amish and why do they live like that, why do they drive horse and buggies can be answered at the Amish Farm and House. Guided farmhouse tours given by knowledgeable guides many of whom have lived and worked among the Amish are provided for an up-close understanding of the Amish community and way of life.

The lovely Amish farm is a unique and perfect antidote to modern life. Plenty of farm animals that you can feed can be found on the farm, where you can also test-drive an Amish scooter.  While visiting, meander through the many local artisan displays and be sure to check out the historic covered bridge. An Amish one –room schoolhouse is also open to the public to see first- hand Amish education curriculum and school artwork.

Your visit wouldn’t be complete without the 90 minute scenic bus tour of Amish farmlands, homes and schoolhouses, and possibly a stop at a quaint Amish business (if open).

Tickets for this unique experience can be purchased on The Amish Farm and House website. The Farm is wheelchair and pet friendly. Handicap accessible buses are also available.

Once you’ve finished tourning the Amish Farm and House you may want to take a short ride over to President James Buchanan’s Wheatland located here:

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